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Corporate Videos Manchester

Corporate Videos Manchester

At Icarus Media we don’t just want to make you a video – we want to help you build a more successful business.  For more information on Corporate Videos Manchester visit us at or call us on 0845 130 2588

Looking for corporate videos Manchester production company with a difference? With Icarus Media, you’ll feel confident that you’ve selected the right corporate video production company
for your business.  Your corporate video production will be produced by a team of experts in corporate video production and corporate advertising . One of the true corporate video production companies who can realise your vision. Call the Corporate Video production
team now

Icarus Media corporate videos Manchester, are very clever people, part of the Icarus Media marketing group – one of the few select, video production companies who can provide you with a unique video production service enjoyed by many of the world’s big corporate and iconic brands.

You’ll see your video production or film produced and directed by a team who works with Oscar nominated actors, famous stars and on major corporate video productions . The ultimate corporate video production company producing live event filming, multimedia presentations, pop video and TV/viral advertising campaigns which really do make a visible difference.

Producing video productions for small companies, global corporate PLCs and worldwide music legends, the Icarus Media Corporate videos Manchester has the dynamism, energy and track-record to deliver stunning results for you, every time.  See the bigger picture now? Call Icarus Media video production company and see your video production exactly the way you want to see it – video productions company. Get the picture now .

 For more information on Corporate Videos Manchester visit us at or call us on 0845 130 2588

Content media guru believe Google will update again towards the end of this year. We track the SEO discussion forums very closely and have noticed Webmaster chatting around this update.

Some site owners found themselves ranking better since the update hit them however others were hit for the first time and now they are suffering from the filter. Google explains this update was to improve scraper detection and that these updates are pushed out manually. Google says these algorithm changes are only minor updates and they are targeted at low quality content. This impacted about 12% of the rankings in the United States. Content media guru have notices that some tweaks have been made but this has impacted far fewer rankings than in the past.

Content media guru understand Google is always making changes to its search algorithm however it is not very likely they will make the same changes for months. If this was to happen, you should expect news from us which informs everyone what is going on. Until this happens, changes should be seen as small tweaks that happen on a regular basis.

Content media guru are continuing to iterate on the updates as part of our commitment in returning high quality sites to Google users. This most recent update is one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year. The ranking algorithm contains many ingredients and the search engines looks at the words that appear on the pages. It also picks up on how people are linking to pages and it will try to calculate the reputation of websites. Google is constantly making little changes that may not be noticed by many people and if the algorithm was a real recipe this would be like adding a pinch of salt each time.

We came up with this ingenious marketing software. This was developed by us in collaboration with a professor from Bristol University who have worked for Google years ago. The software is a very clever idea, as it reduces the cost of building a website to a fraction of the market price which comes with inbuilt ecommerce facility, blogs, News and forums. Rather than finding a website to publish blogs or news of an individual business, the business owner can simply use the website as a single platform to effectively target the audience. What makes it so unique, is the fact that it is built on a properly arranged template which is search engine friendly to help a website to rank easily on major search engines on the natural listing which is also known as organic listing. This software has an advance search engine optimisation function which will allow a business to rank in any major search engines within months. Traditionally a search engine engineer will charge a bomb upfront and a business have to wait for months and months before they see any results. This changes the whole game and takes it to the next level. The best thing of all is, this is not designed just for a specific market, it applies to every type of business whether big of small.

Workbenches UK

The area where most of the work will be done on an assembly workbench is known as the top, and the thickness of this area usually differs from bench to bench. If your doing activities that do not cause a lot of impact to the top, such as tightening or screwing, then the general top thickness should be adequate. Drilling and other highly impacting activities may require a thicker top so you do not shake the bench too much.
It is also common for a portable workbench to serve as a vise. If the top of the workbench is made of two panels of wood or metal, these panels may be adjustable. By using a crank to bring the two sections together or move them apart, the top of the portable workbench can securely hold items as a vise would, keeping the items steady as they are being worked on. Not every portable workbench offers this feature, but it is an important aspect for some people who use portable workbenches on a regular basis. With UK Workbenches customer service is No.1 so we offer exceptional personal service that is efficient and effective. Whether your requests are for a single item or a full installation, we will work with you to find the fastest, most economical and appropriate solution to match your exact needs. All our customers find that dealing with us they get: outstanding quality with all our benches, exceptional service & best of all they get value for money! So if you are searching on the internet for workbenches UK you have to give us a call.

For all your Questions & Information Get in touch with UK Work Benches via email on our website or give us a call on 0161 688 6737

Merchant Facility

These days most transactions are made via credit or debit card so a merchant facility is an absolute necessity for any trading business. These are increasingly popular with businesses nowadays as most customers expect to be able to make payments with debit or credit card. MaxPayNow offers card payment solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes that are looking to keep up-to-date with transaction payment trends. In today’s fast paced society, more and more customers are looking for quick, safe and convenient methods of payment and the foremost of these methods is that of card processing either in person or online.

By having a facility you will find that it is much more convenient for your customers as they don’t have to worry about finding a cash point if they haven’t enough cash on them plus it also has advantages for your business.

Before you rush into getting merchant facility, it’s worth knowing that there are 3 different types of credit card facility:

Physical terminal: a physical device that you manually process payments through.
Desktop facility: this operates in the same way as a physical terminal but it allows multiple users access at the same time – it is therefore better for larger companies
Online facility: this enables customers to make payments over a website ie: to use the merchant facility remotely.

At MaxPayNow we will offer our customers:

Capped rates – We offer fixed prices for the duration of your contract. No hidden costs. No price increases.
Quick setup – Be set up in days, not weeks. We do all the work for you so there is no disruption to your business
24/7 Service – We provide UK based support when your business needs it.

So give us a call on 0203 589 0762 or visit or website at Over 90% of applications are accepted. If you apply today, you could be trading online in as little as 10 days or even earlier & our merchant facility provides more payment options for your customers and is a more secure payment method than cash.



Credit/Debit card machines are small devices that require you to place a credit card and carbon slip in order to make an imprint for processing. In the past, the slips were sent into a bank for approval, but nowadays they can be processed online or over the phone which is a much quicker process.

PDQ machines has turned into big business & MaxPayNow see that everyday with the amount of enquiries coming through to our trained staff who handle the all calls!
At MaxpayNow we can help you decide which of the debit or credit card machines would suit you & your business best.

The system of credit took a real turn in 1914, when Western Union, in the interest of good customer service, gave some of their more prominent customers a metal card to be used in deferring payments – interest free – on services used. This system became known as Metal Money!

Dial-up terminals were first developed by Visa in 1979. These terminals allowed merchants to get instant approval from the credit card companies with the use of a phone line. The magnetic strips on credit cards at the time allowed the credit card holder’s information to be transmitted immediately when the card was swiped through this new credit card machine. Later, Verifone, Hypercom and Lipman became the first big credit card machine manufacturers to redevelop the dial-up terminals into the fast, efficient machines they are today.

Features of MaxPayNow’s terminals are:

•Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards
•Self installing – just plug in and follow prompts
•Support the latest Chip & PIN card technology
•Backlit display with adjustable contrast
•Quiet, fast and easy load thermal printer
•Easy to use, fast and reliable to operate

MaxpayNow make it really simple to apply for credit card terminals plus we have a very high pass rate even with ‘High Risk Industries’. So give us a call on 0203 589 0762 or check out our website: & give us a call today!

Content Media Guru have noticed that there are many more changes that are queued up for the year. The focus and target for the year is to make low quality content and content farms less viable in search results. Google is working to help original content rank better and swapping the positions of the original sources and the syndicated sources. They are continuing to work on identifying scraper content which is either nothing to do with the site or copied from another site.

Google can and does change some parts of the ranking algorithm and can see instant effects by making these changes. This is because it already has the values for some factors calculated and stored. Content Media Guru understand Google will reward those pages that have all the words someone has searched for appearing. It decides to give them a slightly higher boost than in the past and can implement this algorithm to see changes happen instantly.

Content Media Guru understands the importance of having your business on the first page of Google. Our system offers services to help our customers do this by building them a copy of their original website and allowing them to have unlimited key phrases on there. These key phrases can be anything to do with your business and should look like a news article containing at least 400 characters. This will then be picked up by Google and help to push your site up the listings. Our system is easy to use as you will have your own username and password. This allows you to login at any point. The layout looks likes a bit like the iPhone setup. All our staff are trained and our customer service staff will go through any training that is needed. We ensure all the sites are managed up to high standards as Google is the biggest search engine and the main place people go for business.

Most people look no further than the 1st page of Google and this is why it is important that your site is up there. If you are happy with your current website, we can copy and code this however if there is a site you like we can get your site looking similar. The only thing that will ever change on your site is the back end of where all your news articles will be uploaded. We can also send out new letters to over 2000 emails which will help to target your audience.

Content Media Guru suggest you should tweak the algorithms for any site that shows a secure shopping cart. The first step to get to the exact cause of these problems is to process time consuming. It is fairly easy in that it deals with hard numbers. The second part can be more difficult as it requires subjective evaluation but the data can help there as well.

Google says this update incorporates some new signals that help differentiate between higher and lower quality sites. This update is also here to identify scraper sites. These are the sites that don’t use their own content and repeat the content over and over again. Google picks this up as copying and this is exactly why they keep making these changes to get rid of this from happening. Each time Google makes these updates; there is a chance some hit from the last update will improve while other sites might see traffic drops.


Merchant Cash Advance

MaxPayNow can help your business get a merchant cash advance you need in as little as 5 days. If your business takes averagely £3,500 in credit card sales every month, you could be approved for anything from £3500 – £25,00 in working capital.
Our funding process is simple. We fund you cash based on your monthly credit card sales. After you have received the funding, your credit card processor will deduct a small, fixed percentage of your credit card sales until the entire advance amount is collected. This is not a loan so there is no penalty for early payment which is unlike typical bank loans.

Cash Advances are quickly becoming an extremely important part of running a business because capitol is very hard to obtain through banks in this tough economy nowadays. No personal credit is required for this cash advance which makes our cash advance accessible to nearly every size business. If your business needs cash this could be a great alternative compared to a traditional bank loan. Unlike a bank loan, a cash advance provides immediate funding with no collateral, no personal guarantees, simple paperwork, and no fixed monthly payments. MaxPayNow will give you a decision within 24/48hrs.

Some benefits by going with MaxPayNow:

You repay your cash advance only when you sell
No collateral required
No personal guarantee required for your cash advance
No fixed cash advance monthly payments
No strings attached cash advance, you can use the funds in any way you like
No hidden costs or fees
Great customer service

The merchant cash advance has various benefits compare to bank business loans. You can keep track of how much you have paid back by accessing your account 24/7 online where you will find daily statements.

If a bank or other lending institution has denied you, a merchant cash advance company may be just what you need to make a go of it. Call MaxPayNow on 0203 589 0762 to see if you qualify for that much needed cash?

Call us on 0203 589 0762 NOW for more information or visit our website at and fill in the online application form & we will get back to you straight away!

Here is what you can expect from us at MaxPayNow for a ‘High Risk Merchant Account’

Very competitive processing rates
Fast approval of your application
We specialise in high-risk merchant accounts
Full PCI compliance

At MaxPayNow  we specilise in providing payment solutions for most high risk business types. We offer fast approvals with a solution that meets your needs. Regardless if you are e-commerce biz or telephone order we have a solution that will meet your processing needs. The banks consider an account a high risk merchant account based on the potential for excessive chargebacks, un satisfaction of the products and services or excessive returns. MaxpayNow can provide you with a high risk merchant.

We look at every high risk merchant on an individual basis, and different processing banks will have different criteria for setting reserves and processing rates, it is best to speak with one of our team at MaxPayNow to discuss the best possible solution for your processing needs. Due to the high risk involved, banks most of the time decline these applications from getting a merchant account within high risk industries. This is where we can help.

Many Businesses out there today are not even aware that they can apply for of a high risk offshore merchant account. Our high risk merchant account solutions are simple and open to all merchants so ‘High Risk’ or ‘High Volumes’ – No Problem. We say Yes when others say No! So call us today!

Call 0203 589 0762 and speak with one of our friendly staff who will go into more detail about our procedures of an application for this specialised merchant account! Or you can visit our website at plus we will ensure your prices are reviewed every 3months to keep your merchant account on the best rates.